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Music for Solo Guitar
Code Description $ each Qty.
SG1 AFTERTHOUGHTS (COLLECTED THOUGHTS) - Both the Afterthoughts Series in one volume plus other solos - (Grade level 3 to 8), ISMN 979-0-720079-059, Listed in the AMEB syllabus. $33.00
SG2 IMPRESSIONS FROM THE DREAMTIME - (a five movement suite - Intermediate to Advanced Level) Digital Copy. $30.00
SG3 THE BLACK COCKATOO (COLLECTED THOUGHTS) - contained in Collected Thoughts (as listed above) this single work from the book may be purchased as a PDF and will be delivered by email. (Intermediate level) $15.00
SG4 CLOUDFORMS - A four movement suite - Advanced Level (dedicated to Phillip Houghton) $26.00
SG5 VALSES MELODIQUE - (previously published in the Verdery Guitar Series Intermediate level, Frederick Harris Music) - available as a Digital Copy. $26.00
SG6 FANTASIES FAIRIES & FOLKTALES - Five solos based on folksongs of the British Isles - Contains A Vision of Angels & Turloughs Ghosts, (Intermediate to Advanced level) $30.00
SG7 KINGFISHER DANCES - Commissioned by the Tyalgum Festival for Karin Schaupp / Advanced Level. Digital copy also available. $30.00
SG8 A SHORT WALK IN A RAINFOREST - for Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey commissioned by the Darwin International Guitar Festival for the XXVIIeme Semaine Internationale de guitar de Paris - (1996) Published by NTUniPrint / Available as digital copy. $26.00
SG9 SOLILOQUIES & SONATAS - Four concert works, including Surface Tension commissioned by Tim Kain (other works, The Machine Stops, Soliloquy, Sonata Europa - Advanced Level) $33.00
SG10 FOUR AUSTRALIAN FOLK SONGS -(Intermediate to Advanced) The Overlander, Moreton Bay, Click Go the Shears, Waltzing Matilda Available as Digital copy if specified. $29.00
SG11 CELEBRI CANZONI - Eleven Italian Folksongs arranged for guitar solo, duo & trio (Intermediate to Advanced Level) $33.00
SG12 SUITE LATINA - (Intermediate to Advanced) Preludio, Tango in the Dark, Cancion de la Rosa, Valse by Moonlight (commissioned by Oliver Fartach-Naini) Digital Copy $29.00
SG18 SONATA OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS - Commissioned by Timothy Kain & premiered at the 2016 Taranaki Guitar Summer School. A four movt, work with scordatura - E,G#,C#,g,b,e (advanced level, score & performance part) $42.00
SG13 FIVE TEN & FIFTEEN - Five Short Pieces, Ten Exotic Preludes & Fifteen Elementary Studies - Beginner to intermediate level (some AMEB listed) $33.00
SG14 SOUTHERN CROSS DREAMING - a tremolo solo as featured on the Katie Noonan-Karin Schaupp CD,'Songs of the Southern Skies'. Sent as a PDF only. $15.00
SG15 A SUITE OF MEMORIES - Commissioned & based on ideas by Chris Loney. A four movement suite of medium difficulty. $26.00
SG16 SIX LULLABIES from around the world - Arranged for Karin Schaupp - numbers 2 to 6 are recorded on Cradle Songs ABC Classics. Digital copy only. $20.00
SG17 BLACK OPAL PRELUDE - Commissioned as a set work for the 2014 Adelaide International Guitar Competition. Advanced level - Sent as a PDF only. $15.00
SG19 FEATHERLINES, a suite of Australian Birds - Commissioned by John Couch in 2018. This suite celebrates several Australian birds including the Lyrebird & the Kookaburra. Advanced Level some extended techniques. PDF version only. $40.00
SG20 BENEATH A RIVER OF STARS - Commissioned by Stephanie Jones 2019. Advanced level - PDF version only. $20.00
SG21 THRENODY FOR CHERNOBYL - Commissioned by Tim Kain for the CSM Bicentennial recording project, An Anthology of Australian Music on Disc. Subtitled, Variations on a 12 Tone Theme. Advanced level, some extended techniques. PDF version only $30.00
SG22 SO YOU WANT TO PLAY A FUGUE? - Nine Exercises & Studies in Counterpoint. Fugues in 2, 3, & 4 voices. Moderate to Advanced level would, suit Tertiary students. Delivered as PDF only. $33.00
SG23 MIST OVER A RUINED CASTLE - a short solo in Celtic style of about 5th Grade level. Commissioned by Paul Ballam-Cross. Available as a PDF only. $15.00
SG24 DARKNESS OVER A FIELD OF LIGHT - A Nocturne for solo guitar - commissioned by Andrew Blanch (advanced level) $15.00
SG25 MIRAGE - Commissioned by Nicola Hayward. An easy piece around Grade 3 to 4 - fullscore with TABs. $15.00
Music for Guitar Duo; with voice or with other Instruments
Code Description $ each Qty.
DG1 SIMPLY DUOS - Elementary level (10 simple guitar duos for beginners - Lord of the Dance, Greensleeves, Australian folk songs, Scarborough Fair, Skye Boat song & others) $29.00
DG2 FOUR DUOS - easy to medium difficulty (composed as HSC. repertoire) Drifting, Incantation, Totem & Updraft. $29.00
DG3 NIGHTSONGS - (Four Collected Guitar Duos) Medium to Advanced level - Refractions, Romanza, Nightsongs & Spiral Ellipse. commissioned by various Australian Duos - score & parts $40.00
DG4 SONATA - for Flute & Guitar (Score & Parts) commissioned by the Marshall/Hohauser duo - Advanced level, 3 movts $40.00
DG5 THREE SENTIMENTAL SCENES - for flute & Guitar (score & parts) For the Byzantine/Mallon Duo - Intermediate to Advanced $33.00
DG7 TONIGHT AT NOON - for Soprano, Clarinet & Guitar (Advanced) $29.00
DG8 DUST ON A BUTTERFLYS WING - for Soprano & GUITAR. (a cycle of 7 songs) Published by REED MUSIC - commissioned by Radio 2MBS-FM - advanced $40.00
DG9 CARPENTARIA - suite for guitar & percussion (marimba, vibraphone, etc.) commissioned by Craig Ogden & Paul Tanner (3 mvts) $42.00
DG10 STATUES - a cycle of 5 songs for medium voice & piano. Commissioned by the Grevillea Ensemble and based on a Kenneth Slessor poem. $40.00
DG11 SIX QUARKS - Six duets commissioned by the Duo Agostino. Based on the nature of sub-atomic particles. (Advanced level) $33.00
DG8B DUST ON A BUTTERFLYS WING - for Soprano & PIANO. (a cycle of 7 songs) Published by REED MUSIC - commissioned by Radio 2MBS-FM - advanced $40.00
DG12 NIGHT RAIN IN A TROPICAL GARDEN - for Violin & Guitar (commissioned by John Couch & Judith Hickel) Two movts. Advanced level, score & parts - recorded on the CD "Ask Me Tomorrow" (John Couch) $35.00
DG13 TWO GUITARS DINE OUT - A musical Degustation in six courses. Commissioned by the Brew Duo /Advanced level $40.00
DG6A SONGS OF THE TIDE - for Mezzo Soprano & PIANO (cycle of 3 songs) Intermediate to Advanced - ideal HSC repertoire / published by REED MUSIC $35.00
DG6 SONGS OF THE TIDE - for Mezzo Soprano & GUITAR (cycle of 3 songs) Intermediate to Advanced - ideal HSC repertoire / published by REED MUSIC $35.00
DG16 DRIFTING From "Four Duos" - digital copy only, available separately for LCME Exam Syllabus. See DG2 above for the full set. $15.00
DG14 ALONG PARALLEL LINES - a concert guitar duo commissioned by Oliver Fartach-Naini & Lee Song-Ou (advanced level) $33.00
DG15 THE LAKE OF STARS - Commissioned by the Duo Amythis 2018. 2 guitars with a video of Lake Tyrell. Can be performed without film as a concert piece, Video file (mp4) available on request. Advanced level $33.00
DG17 QUANTUM SHIFTS - for Trumpet & Guitar, composed for Chris Moran. Version for Tpt & Pno also available, Trumpet parts in Bb & C. $30.00
DG18 QUINTESSANCE 2.0 - for Guitar & Piano, for Duncan Gardiner & Setsu Masuda. $30.00
DG19 AS THE RAIN PASSES (STARS SHINE) - for cello & guitar. Commissioned by Steve Allen for ABC ClassicFlow. Cello & Harp version also available. Score & Parts. $35.00
Music for Guitar Ensemble & Mandolin Ensemble
Code Description $ each Qty.
EG1 QUARTET No. 1 in D - for the Sydney Guitar Quartet standard guitars (3 movts - full score with parts - Intermediate to Advanced) $33.00
EG2 IMPROMPTUS (Guitar Quartet No. 2) - For the Sydney Guitar Quartet ( 5 short movts. / Intermediate to advanced - full score with parts) $33.00
EG3 STONEWORKS (Guitar Quartet No. 7) - For SAFFIRE the Australian Guitar Quartet (Advanced level / 4 movts - standard guitars or 4th gu 8 string - score & parts) $42.00
EG4 QUARTET No. 4 - standard guitars (For the Sydney Guitar Quartet) (4 movts. Intermediate to Advanced / score & parts) $40.00
EG5 DANCES FOR THE RAINBOW SERPENT - commissioned by Guitar Trek for Requinto, standard, baritone & bass guitars (score & parts) $33.00
EG6A PHANTASY VARIATIONS / SCORE & PARTS - for large ensemble of standard guitars commissioned by the Sydney Guitar Summer School 1985 Intermediate $40.00
EG7 FIGURE EIGHT - for ensemble of Requintos, Standards & bass. Published by Fretful Music in IMAGES (including works by Carr-Boyd & Keane) commissioned by the Cranbrook Guitar Ensemble $35.00
EG8A THE ARROW OF TIME / score & parts - for large guitar ensemble. commissioned by WA Combined Schools Guitar Ensemble $40.00
EG9 GIPSIES & VAGABONDS - (extra! from the Latin Quarter) Two pieces by the Gipsy Kings arranged for guitar ensemble - Inspiration & Moorea / intermediate level / Score & Parts $33.00
EG10 MERENGUE & LIVEWIRE - for ensemble of standard guitars & bass; for the Ascham School Guitar Orchestra (medium difficulty) Previously published by Fretful Music in CONTEMPORARY MOODS $29.00
EG11 THREE PIECES - for ensemble of standard Guitars & Bass. Partial Eclipse, March Antico, Viva Jujuy Score & Parts (easy to medium difficulty) $33.00
EG12 FIRST ENCOUNTERS & GHOST GUM DREAMING - Two pieces for beginner guitar group & teacher. (uses some prepared guitars & wooden pegs) Score & Parts $33.00
EG13 SONG FOR MADELEINE - for guitar trio (medium to advanced) score & parts (in memory of Maddy Young) $22.00
EG14 THREE DISTRACTIONS - for orchestra of requintos, standard guitars & bass. (score and parts) commissioned by Cranbrook Guitar Ensemble (medium level, 3 movts, duration 12 mins. PDF version available only) $35.00
EG15 RAINSONG - for Guitar Quartet, Soprano, Flute & Cello (score & parts) commissioned by 1999 Darwin Guitar Festival $40.00
EG16 THE LATIN QUARTER - Arrangements & original compositions for guitar ensemble with a Latin flavour - medium level. (contains Rumba Flamenca & Meridian) $33.00
EG17 CLASSICAL CORNER - Arrangements for Guitar trio & quartet. With music by Beethoven, Dvorak, Schubert, Vivaldi & others / easy to intermediate level (Volume 2 is below EG29) $33.00
EG18 RHAPSODY - a three movt concerto for guitar duo with large guitar orchestra. Commissioned by ZOO Duo, JGO & Guitarstrophie. solo parts - advanced / orch parts - intermediate level $65.00
EG31 BASICALLY BAROQUE - arrangements of 3 Baroque works for guitar ensemble. Passacaglia (Handel), Konzert fur vier gitarren (Telemann), "Winter" Under Capricorn (Vivaldi) Intermediate to Advanced. $40.00
EG22 JOURNEYS & VOYAGES - Commissioned by the Classical Guitar Society, Sydney for the 20th Anniversary 2011. For large guitar ensemble in 5 parts with bass & percussion / Three movements - full score & parts. $40.00
EG23 GREAT BARRIER - Commissioned by the Townsville Guitar Orchestra, for ensemble of standard guitars in 3 parts plus bass. Four movements - score & parts /Intermediate $60.00
EG24 OTHER DIMENSIONS - Commissioned by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. A three movement work for guitar ensemble in 3 parts, double bass and percussion. Advanced Tertiary level - score & parts $50.00
EG26 CAPRICORN SKIES (Guitar quartet no. 6) - Commissioned by Guitar Trek. A large five movement work for Treble, two standard guitars and acoustic bass. Advanced level, score & parts. (contains "Sky for Dreaming") $45.00
EG25 INNER VOICES - commissioned by the New York City Guitar Orchestra. A guitar ensemble work in two movements designed for mixed abilities. Intermediate to Advanced (in 7 parts) $42.00
EG27 DREAMS & DANCES ON MORETON BAY - for four guitars, as recorded by Guitar Trek on their Anniversary CD "Six Fish". Originally commissioned by Matthew Bolliger for the Recycled Instrument Project. $33.00
EG29 CLASSICAL CORNER 2.0 - A second volume of arrangements from the Classical & Romantic eras. Works by Schumann, Saint-Saens, Mozart, Mascagni & Grainger. Intermediate to advanced. $42.00
EG30 PRELUDE, MILONGA & FUGUE - a three movt suite for Intermediate players. Has optional Percussion Parts. Commissioned by St Laurence College, Brisbane. $40.00
EG32 ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES - for guitar ensemble, commissioned by Sergio Ercole for the Haileybury Guitar Ensemble. Three movts - Portals, Revolving Doors & Comets. (Intermediate level, score & parts) $40.00
EG33 SALTY TALES - for 4 standard guitars (can be a large or small ensemble) Based on traditional Sea Shanties. Commissioned by the Thomas family in memory of "Tig" Thomas. Intermediate difficulty, score & all parts. $35.00
Music for Choir & Songs for Children
Code Description $ each Qty.
CH1 ALL THE MICE GO CLANG! - Six songs for young voices (Primary school choirs) features "The Mystery of the Missing Bone" (Old Mother Hubbard), The First Star & "Jibber Jabber" (On the Ning, Nang, Nong) $33.00
CH2 BLAKESONGS - five SATB settings of the poetry of William Blake. Texts taken from the Songs of Innocence & Experience, Milton & the Auguries of Innocence. (Features "To See a World") $42.00
CH3 TYGER - an SA setting of the famous William Blake poem. Adapted from the "Blakesongs" collection. Suitable for upper primary - delivered as a PDF. $15.00
CH4 FALLING STARS - commissioned for the 125th Anniversary of Ascham School. SSA setting of a RM Rilke poem. Piano accompaniment or with percussion and strings. (parts on request) $40.00
CH5 THE BIRDS GO BY - commissioned by C Shepard for the Worcester Chorus (USA). Text by J Shaw Neilson, SATB & piano. $33.00
CH6 THE NORTH SHIP - SSA, text by Philip Larkin. Commissioned by C Shepard. For female choir and piano or with clarinet and strings. (parts available on request) $33.00
CH7 TO SEE A WORLD - an SSA arrangement of the original SATB version from the collection, "Blakesongs". Delivered as a PDF only. $15.00
Music for Guitar with Orchestra
Code Description $ each Qty.
OG1A SERENADE / full score & parts - for Guitar & String Orchestra (7 mins) Full score & one set of parts with multiple copying license. $40.00
OG1B SERENADE - Guitar part and Piano Reduction of the orchestra parts (Guitar & Strings) $25.00
OG2A MOSAIC / Full Score - for Guitar, Strings & Percussion (12 mins.) commissioned by the 1995 Darwin International Guitar Festival Orchestra Full Score /Parts available for sale or hire on request. $45.00
OG2B MOSAIC / solo part & piano reduction - for Guitar, Strings & Percussion (12 mins.) commissioned by the 1995 Darwin International Guitar Festival Orchestra Parts available for sale or hire on application. $40.00
OG3A RHAPSODY duo concerto - a three movt concerto for guitar duo & chamber orchestra. Arranged from the original guitar ensemble version. solo parts advanced - Solo parts and full score. Orchestra parts available for sale or hire on request $65.00
OG4 SHORELINES - for Guitar & String Quartet. Commissioned by Matt Withers & the Acacia Quartet. Score & Parts $65.00
Music for String Orchestra & Quartet
Code Description $ each Qty.
SO1 DARLING POINT DANCES - An easy work in 3 sections (Fast, slow, fast) for Primary School Strings. Some optional solos. Vlns 1,2,3 or vla & cello. $33.00
SO2 EDGECLIFF EXPRESS - for Middle to Senior school strings, composed for Ascham School. Vln 1,2,3,cello (optional Bass/viola parts) $33.00
SO3 ICE BREAKER - for Senior school strings, composed for Ascham Strings. Vln 1,2,3,cello (optional viola part) $33.00
SO4 STRING QUARTET in D (The Cambridge) - a work in 3 movements score & parts, for Intermediate quartet. 1st movt. also playable by String Orchestra. Commissioned by the Cambridge Ensemble. $45.00
SO5 PARTICLE COLLISIONS - for electric (or amplified) quartet & drumkit. Composed for the Ascham Senior Quartet. (Advanced) $33.00
SO6 A CHRISTMAS FANTASY - for Primary School strings - variations on "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" - some opportunities to teach improvisation. Vln 1,2,3, Cello & Bass $33.00
SO7 ODE TO JOY - Beethoven's famous melody arranged for Junior Orchestra. Strings, Fl,Cl,Sax,Trumpet & Timpani. Score & parts. $45.00
SO8 FANTASIA ON "POR UNA CABEZA" - an arrangement of Carlos Gardel's famous Tango for strings with piano. Score & all parts (Advanced level esp. Vln 1) $45.00
CDs for sale (others by request)
Code Description $ each Qty.
CD1 FRETERNITY - music for guitar ensemble - Keane, Charlton, Houghton,de Monchaux, O\'Donoghue & Carr-Boyd. A seminal collection of Australian guitar ensemble music. $25.00
CD2 SYDNEY GUITAR TRIO - one hour to madness & joy - features The Divine Guitar plus music by Houghton, Handel, Holley & Chadwick $25.00
CD3 UNDER THE SAME SKY - duo Agostino - music by Brouwer, Machado, Houghton, Diego Pujol & Charlton - recorded by John Taylor in the UK - has Romanza, Spiral Ellipse. $25.00
CD4 CANTO ANTIGO - Folk songs from around the world (Zia Shin, Violin, Oliver Fartach-Naini & Lee Song Ou, guitars) features Three Klezmer Pieces and Catalan song arrangements. $25.00
CD5 SUITE LATINA - Oliver Fartach-Naini - solo guitar suites by Charlton, Pujol & Ayala. EthnoClassics $25.00
CD6 IMAGINATIONS - Matt Withers & the Acacia Quartet. Double CD of works for guitar & string quartet. Featuring "Shorelines". $35.00
The following works are available from their respective distributors (as indicated)

BERCEUSE & CAKEWALK (From Modern Times - 60 Graded Contemporary Guitar Solos ed. Brightmore) Published by Chanterelle ECH 750

(for mandolin ensemble, published by Trekel Music - order here )
(suite in 4 movts. for mandolin ensemble, published by Trekel Music - order here)
  (suite in 4 movts. for mandolin ensemble, published by Trekel Music - order here)
DAINTREE  (suite in 3 movts. for mandolin ensemble, published by Trekel Music - order here)